How Recovery Deleted Email on Outlook

Deleted Email on Outlook

Outlook is rename of the Hotmail services by Microsoft.Outlook provided the unlimited memory space for the user.Compare to the other email service the Outlook provided the lot of offers to the users.

In this post i will explain the best feature of the outlook services. Compare to the Google,Yahoo they have the option to get the delete email from the email account untill you delete the mail from the trash.If once delete the email from the trash you will not recover the email from your account.And you delete the mail the Google and Yahoo will kept the email only for 30 day's only after 30 day's its will automatically deleted from your account.

  • In Outlook have the option to recover your deleted message from Trash also.
  • If you delete the mail it's kept on the Deleted Folder.
  • If you delete the mail in deleted folder you can Recover the deleted mail from the outlook is possible.
  • You see the Deleted Folder on the left side of the Outlook page.
  • If you Delete the mail from the inbox its will placed on the Deleted Folder.
  • If delete the all mail from the deleted folder you can recover the email by clicking recover deleted message link present in the buttom of the window.
  • Its show in the below image.marked in red color
How Recovery Deleted Email on Outlook

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