Translate Web Page Any Lanuage

If all of them know you can search the anything on the web normally the entire web site in the English language. But some time if you see the other language site also. Like chine’s, Hindi, Tamil like this. If you want to change the web page language to you needed language now it possible. If i want to change the Tamil language to English version also using this simple tricks.

In this tricks you not need any additional software for translator. Small change on the URL of the site it’s will change to original language which language to your needed.

Use this url

https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=Source-Language&tl=Destination-Language&u=https://site URL

Source-Language : what language actually the website have.
Destination-language: Which Language you want to Translate.
https://site URL : Url of the site you want to translate.

I want to translate the Tamil The Hindu Tamil Daily news paper site to English version. The Hindu is popular daily in the India. The Hindu has the Tamil Version Daily also. If i want to change the Tamil The Hindu Tamil Daily News Paper site to English Version using this tricks.

You see below the original web site of the Tamil The Hindu the site can be in the language of Tamil. I want to change the Tamil content to English

Translate Web Page Any Lanuage


In this above URL i can use the source language as Tamil So i use the short form of Tamil ta and Destination Language is English so i can use the Short form of English as en
Like this you can change any language webpage to any other language using this tricks.

Now See the same site in English version.
Translate Web Page Any Lanuage

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