How to send the WhapApp Message History Conversation throw the Email

All of them know the Smart Phone App WhatApp. Using this you can send the message throw smart phone in free of cost only with the internet usage amount. Now days most of the people can share the information to others throw WhatApp only. You want to take the back of the WhatApp chat message History in your phone its take little amount of memory. How to solve this I will give the small solution.

How to Send the Email:

  • First go to Whatapp app select which person message history you want to send the email.
  • Press the contact continually and till the popup message comes out. [ this also for WhatApp Group Also]
  • After the popup message come out it will show the four options in that four option you will select the last one that is email conversation.
  • Select the Email conversation it will ask you to send the all WhatApp Message History conversation throe email.
  • Select the Email after select the email its will ask you to send the message history in two format you can select the any one and send the email.
  • What is that mean First one is Send the email with media it means you can also send the Email with what are the media like audio video image share in the WhatApp chat remind it you can send the media only the media present in your Memory otherwise you can’t send the media in the email.
  • Second one you can send the email without media. Only text. You send the email message history text format only. All the conversation saves in the .txt format.
  • Important:Some time the email is not send you can store the email in the draft and go-to your email account and send the email.

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