Use the all the Google Apps In One Place using Firefox Add-on integrated Inbox

Firefox Add-On for Google to use the all the Google apps in one place. Yes, it’s possible by Integrated Inbox for Gmail and Google Apps. Integrated Inbox is a Firefox add-on using this you can access the all the Google App in one location like Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, YouTube, Play, and this party Google Apps, etc., all things you can access from the Gmail its self no need to go to that particular app page.
How to use the integrated Inbox in your Firefox Browser.
  • Just go to this Link Click here.
  • It will take to the official page of the integrated inbox site in that you will see the download button. Click to download then add the add-on to your Firefox browser.
Download the Integrated Inbox
  • After download the add-on you can add the add-on to your Firefox browser. After adding the add-on now you login to your Gmail account after login it will show the popup message to access the integrated inbox.

  • It will ask to use the pro version you wish, you can buy the pro version are you can use the free version.
  • After clicking ok button it will show the all the Google Apps you will use. Like this I use this set Google app only so that it will show this app only in my Gmail.Apps Inbox
  • You can use any other app to mean all the apps will show here.
  • You want to use the app mean simple click the app its will open app you can use the particular app inside the Gmail no need to go to that particular app page.
  • You want to make any change on that app, please click the setting gear icon present on the right side end of the each app.

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