5TB Cloud Memory Space for Free From Big Stash

All of them know the cloud storage lot of the services provided give the cloud space to store the data in to cloud and access the store file from any where in the world throw the internet.You can store the you personal and your office documents in the cloud and share to any body in the world.The number of the cloud storage provider in the market and they can give the free memory space to the user to store the file to the customer.More then 30 free cloud storage providers in the list.Example DropBox,Box,Google Drive,One Drive,Media Fire etc., But all of them give the limited memory space to customer to store the file in to the cloud.

Maximum of 56 GB is the maximum size to store the file free on the Cloud till now.

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Big Stash Give the 5TB of free memory space to used to store the file in the cloud for one year. After one year you pay the money for they services.

  • Big Stash give seven type pricing for there customer. You can choose the any one of them from the pricing for your requirement. Big Stash give option to integrate your Dropbox account in to big stash. 
  • They give the two option to login in to the Big Stash.
  • You can login to them by using Dropbox account also.
  • After login to the Big Stash account you can see the dashboard in that they will give the two option to upload the file.


  • One from Dropbox another one from your computer.You can click the button and select the file from the DropBox and From your Computer.
  • Hurry to claim your 5TB cloud space.

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