How to remove plusone js from your blogger template

Blogger is a free blog platform by Google to share your ideas, suggestion and your creativity to the world through the blogger blog. Default they used the lot of Js and css code to your template for different purpose. But the speed of your blog will be very slow to load on your browser. So you can remove the unwanted Js and css file from your blogger template. In your customized blogger template you don’t use that unwanted js are css file, but blogger.com will load the css and the Js file on the browser when you open the your blog in the browser.

How to remove plusone js from your blogger template

How to remove this from your blog. We provide the solution to how to remove the unwanted css and js file from your blogger blog. How to remove the unwanted css file from your template read this.

Here I show how to remove the plusone.js and widget Js files from your blogger.

  • First, go to your blogger account and navigated to the template section and take the backup of your blogger template.
  • And then press the Ctrl + f to type the plusone.js and press enter button to find the plusone.js code in your template. If you see the plusone.js url in your template means you can replace the plusone.js file entire url from template and save the template.
  • If you can not see the plusone.js url in your template mean left free.
  • Next again, press the ctrl+f and type </body> and press enter to find the body close tag in your template you already know mean you go to that particular location and replace the tag below.
  • Replace the above tag with given below the tag.
&lt;!--</body>--&gt; &lt;/body&gt;

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