How to increase the Google Photos Memory size to unlimited

Google offers the free memory size for each email account up to 15GB. If you send the picture in the Gmail they will store the image in that 15GB memory. And if you use the Google Drive all the files are stored in that 15GB memory only. And also for Google Photos. This 15GB will use for all the Google services what are the services you used on the Google.

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Now day android user all of them stored the Image where they capture throw the mobile phone is stored directly to the Google Drive. And some of the Android apps are used the Google Drive as a backup to store their data on the User Google drive account. Like WhatsApp they store the chat history in the Google Drive only.

By using the Google Drive for the different purpose. It will easily fill your free 15GB quote. How to increase the Google Photo 15GB free memory to unlimited memory on the Google Photo. Follow the simple steps given below to get the unlimited memory on Google Photos account.

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First, click here to go the Google Photo Setting page.

After that you can see the below screen they provided the two options.

How to increase the Google Photos Memory size to unlimited

First option High Quality (Unlimited Storage) Great visual quality at reduced file size. This option you select, it will provide the Unlimited Storage. But it will reduce the photos size without affecting the photo quality.

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Second option Original Quality. Full resolution that counts against your quota. Here they mention the how space you occupied in the free quota. And how much GB of memory space available remaining.

If you select the second option, it will save the image in original size. It’s not affecting the photo quality. Defiantly the second option will selected. If you want unlimited memory space change the option to first option.

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