The Visual Inspector Chrome plugin replaces the Chrome DevTool

Visual Inspector
Web Designers and Developers used the DevTool in the browser to debug the site at the development time they do the development changes and change styles, colors, font etc., on the live site. Canvas flip has introduced the new chrome extension to make this all the process easy and user friendly with the browser extension called Visual Inspector.

Using this extension in the chrome browser you can do all styles work on this extension without using the DevTool. No need of the F12.

In this tool they have given the styles, and assets information about the site. This extension has five different tabs. Info, Color, Assets, Inspect and Typography.

Below you have the detail about what are the action you can perform in each tab detail.

Visual Inspector

Info tab you get the site basic information.

In that inspect tab you can see the all the css style of the particular block you select on the web page. In this you can make the any change, it will affect on the web page you can preview the changes in the web page. You can change the font style block style, etc. In the inspect tab you download the any block of the web page in PNG and JPEG format.

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Color tab it will give the color information of the web page. What are the colors used in the webpage. You can change which color you want.
Typography tab you can see the all the typography information.

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Asset tab it will give the all the image what are they images used in that particular page. You can download the images.

You can make any changes it will stored in the temporary DOM once you refresh the page all changes will restore.

Get Visual Inspector Click Here

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