How manual increase the twitter 140 Characters to 280 characters

twitter 140 Characters to 280 characters
Twitter is a simple, easy way to share your message and updates to your friends and followers. But twitter have the restriction you only share the 140 characters in a single tweet. You want to share the long tweet more than 140 characters it will not allow you. At that time you will split your message into two or three messages. It will be a bad experience.

For long time twitter has said we will upgrade the 140 characters to few more addition character. Now twitter, introduce the 140 characters to 280 characters. They will double the character size in the tweet. This feature now only available for some specified location, it's not available in the all the part of the world. I will say you can manually increase the 140 characters to 280 character follow the below steps.

How to manual increased the 140 to 280 characters.
  • First login to https://tweetdeck.twitter.com with your twitter login details.
  • After logging in the browser, go to Developer tool by just click the right click on the page and select the inspect element [Or] press F12 to open the Developer Tool.
  • After open the developer tool selects the Source tab present third one. After going Source tab, select + New Snippet button to open the new snippet window.
  • Copy the code from here and past in the snippet window. [or] copy the code from below.
This snippet is esssentially the same as being in the Twitter longer tweets test, for tweetdeck.
The Tweet length counter is fixed by tricking TweetDeck into counting up to 140 characters, twice, so you'll see 140
instead of 280 in the counter but going over 140 will give you another set of 140 charactrs.
TD.services.TwitterClient.prototype.makeTwitterCall=function(b,e,f,g,c,d,h){c=c||function(){};d=d||function(){};b=this.request(b,{method:f,params:Object.assign(e,{weighted_character_count:!0}),processor:g,feedType:h});return b.addCallbacks(function(a){c(a.data)},function(a){d(a.req,"",a.msg,a.req.errors)}),b};
twttrTxt=Object.assign({},twttr.txt,{isInvalidTweet:function(){return!1},getTweetLength:function(x){return x=twttr.txt.getTweetLength.apply(this,arguments),x<140||x/140>2?x:x%140}});
Above Code By Zemnmez
  • Press Ctrl + Enter to run the snippet code.
  • After Run the code you can type 280 characters in the tweet box and select the tweet button now you can see your 280 character tweet in twitter timeline.

twitter 140 Characters to 280 characters

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