Auto replay throws WhatsApp when are busy and not able to answer calls

Can't Talk
The auto replay feature is available from the olden days when you stuck at work or driving or in important meeting you have received the call, you can send the text SMS like I am busy, I am in driving , I am in a meeting, I am in a movie like that. This text SMS is available in the mobile phone you can just send the message to when have received the call.

Now all of them move to smart phone and all of them used the chatting apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, hike, etc. You can solve the above problem by new Android App called Can’t Talk.

Can't Talk

If you received the call or message at your busy time you can just select the message and send to the opponent.

It even works with group chats – which is both a blessing and a curse, since it’ll reply on your behalf with an unnecessary ‘Sorry I can’t reply just now.’ You’ll be hearing about that one from your work pals or college buddies, whoever you’re stuck in a group conversation with, for a while.

To be clear: you can specify how long the app should wait before it auto-replies to the same sender, and it’s set to 15 minutes by default. So no, it won’t reply to every single incoming message on a group chat on its own, and you can avert that issue by increasing that time interval.

You can set the custom message in the Can’t Talk app at your free time.

There’s a free two-week trial, after which you’ll have to fork over either $1.30 for a year’s subscription or $2.30 to unlock the lifetime plan.

Get this app click here.

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