How to create the Clickable phone number the web page

Clickable Phone number
The Webpage is the play the important role in business. Today customer searches the everything on the internet and reaches you throw the phone or email. If you have the web page for your business people easily reach you.

Most of all have the mobile and also have internet on their mobile if the costume comes to your web page they want to call your contact number. Default the copy your contact number from your web page and paste into the contact and make the call to you. Otherwise, they will memorize your contact number and come to the keypad and type your number and then make the call. This process will irritate.

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So I give the simple tricks you can make your contact number clickable link. If the user clicks your contact number it will automatically make the call to you.

How to create the number clickable on your web page.

Just give the contact number in the anchor like on your web page like this.

<a href=”tel:+1244364579000”> +1-2443-6457-9000 </a>

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