How to create the clickable phone number in the Google Sheet?

Make the call from Google Sheet
If you use the Google Form on your web page and get the Contact detail in from the use and save in the Google Sheet automatically. In future, you will contact the particular person contact number available on the sheet you face the copy past problem I mention in the previous post. You can solve this by just click the phone number to make the call on your phone from Google Sheet.

Just follow these steps to make the call from the Google Sheet.

Just create the hyperlink in the Google Sheet Cell.

Just save the Contact Person name in a first cell and Contact number in the second Cell. And last third cell you must have the clickable link to click to make the call.

Create the hyperlink like this.
=HYPERLINK(“https://tricksschool.com/call”&SECOND-CELL-NAME” ,”call &FIRST-CELL-NAME”)

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If you save the contact person's name in the A column, 2 Row and Contact person number in the B Column, 2 Row means.

You can create the link like this.

=HYPERLINK(“https://tricksschool.com/call”&B2” ,”call &A2”)

You must have some text in the column C and row 2 for some reference like Call to Sale Team and create the link to that text in the above format.

You can use any URL. I mention my domain name in the link. That link will work only you must give the URL in the like. You do not use the link it will not redirect. If the link redirects only it will automatically take to your mobile dial pad.

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