How to hide the file in the Google Drive.

Google Drive is a Cloud Storage service you can store your personal file and documents in the cloud when you need that file you can access it from anywhere in the world. Google offered the 15GB free storage space for every Gmail Account.

If store the file in your Google Drive you can hide the file when you search and open the folder or files you file not available in your account how to hide.

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You can store the file in drive no one will find the file other than you follow the below steps to store the file secret in the Google Drive.

Google Drive has the file version concept if you upload the file after that right click the file you can see the list of option in that you can see the Manage Version. You can store the multiple version files in the single file. Last uploaded file is the latest file. And it has the all version what you uploaded. If you uploaded the file in the manage version it will ask you to keep the previous file

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  • Login to your Google Drive account with your Username and Password.
  • After login to your Account click add New button add [or] Drag and Drop your file into Google Drive page to upload the file to Google Drive.
  • After uploading you can upload another video or image file in the manage version option in the first uploaded file.
  • You can see the manage version option by right click the file you first uploaded.

  • After upload the second file the first file will name as the first version. And second file available in first if you download the file the latest version only download. The latest version file preview available in the thumbnail.
  • After completing the all the above steps you can go to first uploaded file select the setting option and check the Keep file forever checkbox is enabled are not.
  • This way you can hide the file in the Google Drive. One important thing you must remind the file where you have hidden the file in the Drive Account.

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