How to print the print protect pdf file

Print Password Protected File
In the previous post, I will tell how to unlock the password protected pdf file without any software. In this post, I can explain how to print the print protected pdf file without any software. If the pdf print option is protected you not able to print the pdf file with any software. If you open the file in any pdf viewer print option will disable the software.

Follow the below steps you can print the print protected file. In this process, you need two things, first you need the internet connection and Google Account.

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  • First upload the Print protected pdf file to your Google Drive account.
  • After upload, you can view the pdf file in the Google Drive PDF viewer.
  • Print Password Protected File
  • In that pdf view, you can see the Print and Download option at the top of the page. Google Drive automatically enables the print option.
  • Using this you can print the file. Just click the print button the print option is open in the Browser just select the printer and print the file.

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