How to unlock the Pin Protect Pdf file without install any software

Unlock the Password Protected File
Now a day all of the move to paperless and digital files. In Government, Hospital, Company's, Banking, Shopping, Entertainment all of them have the digital data and Digital documents. If you go to the Government office you can get the document in Digital Format like pdf, Excel files.

Most of the Digitalis locked for security process if you know the security pin only you can view the file. Otherwise, you can’t open and view the file. Now a day’s all of them in the digital you can’t memorize them all the pins in your mind.

Sometime you will forget the security pin you will not able to open the file. Here I give the simple trick you can unlock the security file and save as the normal pdf file into your memory for future use.

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With this trick you do not install any software for this process. You just have the internet connection and Google Account.

  • First login to your Google Drive account and Upload your Secured PDF file to your Google Drive.
  • After upload, you can open the file on the Google Drive with the secure pin. First time.
  • Unlock the Password Protected File
  • After open pdf file, you can see the Print option and Download option in the Google PDF viewer page.
  • Unlock the Password Protected File
  • Just click the print option and it will take to print page. On that print page, just save the pdf file into your computer now the pdf file will be unlocked permanently. Hereafter you no need to give the security pin to open the document.

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