Facebook offers free music for your video background

Facebook Music Collection
Facebook introduces the free music for your video background. If you create the video for your Facebook post. Video contain anything. If you want to add the effective background music for that video. If your music professionally you can create your own music for your video. Either they will search the music on the web. But the music is available on the internet will copyright. You cannot use them in your video. It will not allow uploading on the Facebook. If you upload mean it will copyright claim by the music owner.

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Facebook solves this problem by they have the collection of music file for your video. You can use that music to your Facebook and Instagram video.

Facebook the video platform called Facebook Watch. You can create the video and add background music for your video get it from the Facebook music collection.

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The Facebook music collection has different categories of music. You can download the music audio from the collection and try for you. It has both SoundTrack and Effect. You get the all soundtracks from here itself.

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