How to add comment to Office file shared on Google Drive

Google Drive Commit

Cloud technology remove the most of the office, schools, home paperless. All our office document are now hard copy to soft copy. We share our document to other's throw the Cloud application now. If you send the office document like word file, excel file and presentation file mostly on Cloud Services like Google Drive.

Google Drive has the option to add the comment to the shared file. If you share the file with your friends are office staff they want to share the comment regarding the file you shared now easily throw the Google Drive. They no need to send any forward email or any other documents.

If you get the shared file form other just open the file in Google Drive now you can see the Comment option near the top left corner of the screen near to print option.

Google Drive Commit

After opening the document highlight the text in the file and add the comment. If any other share the comment for that file if you click the comment option it will show other comments in the bottom right corner.

Just Click the comment option to share your comment for the file.

This isn’t the same thing as real-time comments and collaboration as you have to open the file to see updated comments. But it helps avoid the extra step of converting Microsoft files into Google files!

You can comment on PDFs, images, video, audio, or other files. But remember that the same sharing permissions apply. If someone only gives you viewing privileges, you can only view comments, but can’t make new comments or share the file with others.

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