How to embed Google Drive audio file in web page

Google Audio File Embed

This day internet usage will increase lot people used the internet for their date to life for different work. And education, entertainment is coming in to online. Most of the teaching class is happening to throw online now. And people who are all interested in the singing are sharing the ideas with the people throw their voice. And people share the audio file on the web page are the blog.

This place they need the audio player and hosting space for saving the audio in online. For your file online you need file hosting space. Hosting space is subscription you pay the money for that in monthly is yearly.

Another wise lot of apps on the internet like sound clouds etc. You can store the file in that application and get the embed script, paste and used on the web page. This application your file is public anyone used that. You can save your file with your self-free and safe usage by following below tricks.

You can use the Google Drive to save your file and embed your audio in your web page freely. How to do this.

First, you need the Google account if already have mean’s sign in to account you not have means sign up to the account.

After that login to your Google Drive account and upload the audio file to your Google Drive account.

After that upload right click the uploaded file you will see the drop-down. In that, you can select the Sharable option. Now you will see the popup in that you see the file URL.

Google Audio File Embed

Before that, you must confirm the file in public or not. If the file in private means you can change the file permission to the public or anyone access to this link.

Google Audio File Embed

I preferred to change the option to anyone with link option.

After changing the permission you can see the file URL like this

Google Audio File Embed

Just replace the view with preview and remove the ?usp=sharing from the above URL. After that, all change your URL like this.


Now copy the below iframe code and put your URL in the src section and used in your web page. After add code to your webpage just refreshes the page you can see the Audio file on the page.

Sample Code:


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