How to fix the Publisher ID Missing from ads.txt error in Adsense for blogger

Ads Txt Error fix
Some of the Google Adsense user facing this issue in their account Earning at rick – One or more of your ads.txt files doesn’t contain your AdSense publisher ID. Fix this now to avoid severe impact on your revenue. If the error will appear you can not see the adds on your site and blog. You Adsense earning will stop.

You just log in to your Adsense account you see the error at the top of the page like this below. How to solve this for blogger blog.

Ads Txt Error fix

Follow the below steps to how to solve this problem.

Click the Action option in the error message it will take the error detail page here you can see the which blog have error they will mention here. And they say Publisher ID missing from the ads.txt file.

Now login to your blogger account and select which blog have this issue. After selecting the blog you can see the blogger option at the left side of the blogger in that you see the Setting option at last.

Click the setting option list it will expand and show the list setting option for the Blog.

blogger ads txt error fixed

Now select the Search Preferences option and now you can see the Monetisation.

Click the edit option in the monetisation and select the yes option then only you able to edit the monetisation setting.

Ads Txt Error fix

And copy the snippet code from the Error message and past in the textbox and click the save change button to save changes.

It will take 24 hours to solve this issue.

Now type blogger URL followed by ads.txt you can see the snippet code what you added to the monetisation section.

URL like this https://yourdomainname.com/ads.txt

After 24 hours you log in to your Adsense account now you cannot see the error message in your account. The error will disappear.

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