How to create the Shortcut for Google Drive File on Android Home Screen

Shortcut for Dive File from Home Screen
Google Drive is cloud service to host your file like docs, images, video, audio, ppt, pdf etc on online. If you using the Drive on your Android Phone you repeatability access any Document in the Google Drive you can create the Shortcut link on the Android Home Screen. It easily accesses the file from home screen.

You can just tap the file icon on the home screen it will directly take to that particular file in the Drive.

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How to create the link for your file follow the below steps to achieve it

First login to your Google Drive account.

And got the file which you want to create the Shortcut and open the file you can see the three dots option top right corner near to search icon you can see in the below image.

Just tap the three dot option will appear in that you can scroll down and the see the option Add to Screen just tap the option now shortcut will create on the home screen.

You can access the file now easily from the home screen its self.

If you want to access more then one file at the same time you create the folder and put all file into that folder and follow the same steps given above.

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First, open the folder and you can see the three option just tap and open the menu and select the Add to Screen option.

Now you can access the folder from the home screen.

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