Google .app top-level domain now available for Pre Registration

Google a few years back they start offering the domain name. If anybody needs the domain name for the web or blog purchase here and used for their use. Now Google introduces the .app top-level domain (TLD). This .app(TLD) are now available for the pre-registration on https://get.app website via Google’s Early Access Program and are expected to go on sale for the public starting from May 8.
app domain registration
This domain is mainly targeted on App Developers. If you are the app developer you need the domain name for your app site. You can use the .app domain for your site it will easily understand by the users.

Google says:
A key benefit of the .app domain is that security is built in—for you and your users. The big difference is that HTTPS is required to connect to all .app websites, helping protect against ad malware and tracking injection by ISPs, in addition to safeguarding against spying on open WiFi networks. Because .app will be the first TLD with enforced security made available for general registration, it’s helping move the web to an HTTPS-everywhere future in a big way.

Starting today at 9:00 am PDT and through May 7, .app domains are available to register as part of our Early Access Program, where, for an additional fee, you can secure your desired domains ahead of general availability. And then beginning on May 8, .app domains will be available to the general public through your registrar of choice.

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