Google Pay now available on Web both desktop and iOS

Google Pay is online payment gate to pay money to other on online. If what to pay money for the product you purchase in the shop are online you can transfer the money to shop owner throw the Google Pay. But this feature available for Mobile App users only in past but now Google rolls out this features for all platform.

It will now available for web users also. Now you can use this on web popular browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, no matter your device.Plus, if you save a card to Google Pay on your Pixelbook, you'll be able to use it on the web with another device, like an iPhone.

Once you add the card details in the Google Pay you no need to enter again. If you CheckOut on Chrome, Google Pay automatically fill in your bill, shipping and payment info.

Google Pay Available for Web Now

Anywhere you can check out with your Google Pay account.

Lost your credit or debit card? No need to wait for a replacement in the mail. When you order a new card from your bank, it’ll automatically update with Google Pay. The same is true if your bank issues a new card for one that’s about to expire. If your card is already on Google Pay, your expiration date will update as soon as it’s issued—so you can keep on playing without missing a beat.

Google Pay give the lot of offers.

Google Pay and live in Australia, Canada, Poland, Russia, the UK, or the US. To get started, download the Google Pay app, look for the offers, and opt-in.

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