How to download all the Music track from the Google Play Music.

Google Play Music

You can download the all music track you kept in the Google Play Music to your Computer now easily. You can add your Music track to the Google Play Music and also you can purchase the music track from the Google Play and add to your Google Play Music Playlist. If you want to keep all this music track on your computer its self as the backup you can download the all the music from the Google Play or you want to move your all music to other music services you want to download the all the music track to transfer to another device.

How to do this. Follow the below steps to download the music from your Google Play Music.

First, you want to download the Google Play Music Manager from the Google this official app by the Google for both Windows and Mac.

Google Play Manager

After Download installs this app on your system and open the application and click the Download tab on the screen.

Choose either Download my library or Download free and purchased.

Google Play Manager

It is not possible to download both libraries at the same time. If you want both, wait for one to fully complete, then download the other.

Now you need to wait for the files to download. If you even have a moderately large collection, this could take several hours.

The speed of your internet connection will also have a massive impact on the download time, but you might be able to speed up your connection if you follow some of our tips.

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