How to enable the offline mode on your Gmail.

Enable Offline Mode on Gmail
Gmail new design released a few weeks before. In that release, Gmail rolls out one of the most wanted features by the user in the new design. That one called offline mode. You can enable the offline mode in your Gmail account you all email will be stored in the system whenever you want to read the email and download the attachment from Gmail you can be done all those things are in offline. No internet needed.

Once you login to the Gmail account and your all information will be download into your computer whenever you want can read mail. You can just go to Gmail on a browser and read your mail. If you want to replay to the mail you can be given the replay when your computer connected to the computer all your mail will be delivered. Same thing for composing. All you offline send and replay mail in the outbox if your connection to online all the mail in the outbox will be delivered.

How to enable the offline mode:

Login to Gmail account.

Select the setting gear icon present right side of the window.

Enable Offline Mode on Gmail

After selecting the setting icon drop-down will show in that select the setting option. Then it will take to setting page in the setting page you can see the offline tab select the offline tab in the top of the page.

Now Offline tab will open in that tab have the option to enable offline mail. Just check the checkbox to now it will show some configuration option.

How much days it will keep the file in your computer, Storage Space and After logging out of the Gmail what will happen.

Just configure that all setting after that just clicks the save button to save all changes.

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