How to enable the incognito mode in YouTube

Incognito mode in YouTube
Google Chrome has the incognito mode to protect your to save your data in the browser history and Google history. If you are using your internet on the public inter cafe you are using your account detail in the browser you used the incognito mode to save your information from the others.

The same thing for the YouTube also now YouTube app have the incognito mode for the mobile app users. If you don’t save the YouTube watch history or inform future recommendations. You can use the incognito mode on your app.

YouTube introduces the Incognito mode in Android Mobile app users. This feature only available on Andriod user now it will soon available for iOS user also.

How to use the incognito mode on your mobile.

To turn on YouTube’s Incognito Mode, open the YouTube app, click on your profile picture in the top right-hand corner, and tap “Turn on Incognito”. Your profile picture will disappear, and the bar at the bottom will inform you “You’re incognito”. Simples.

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