How to protect your WhatsApp information from other WhatsApp users

Protect Your WhatsApp Information
WhatsApp is one most important mobile application in human daily life. Most of the smartphone user used the WhatsApp app on the mobile phone. WhatsApp has a lot of features like calling, chatting, group chat, money transfer etc.

WhatsApp app has profile picture your status and your some personal information available for open if you want to restrict your information not allow to all. And also you want to protect your WhatsApp information from others like your last seen, your status, your about message and your current location. WhatsApp has the option you can do all these settings.

How to protect your profile picture:

If you want to protect the WhatsApp app profile picture you don’t want to share your picture with other follow below steps.

Go to a Setting > Account > Privacy > Profile Photo option just selects that it will show three option Every One, My Contact and Nobody.

Everyone: Your profile photo will show everyone.
My Contact: It will show your profile photo to contact number save in your mobile phone.
Nobody: It will not show your profile photo anybody.

Exclude Contacts From Status Sharing

In this option, you can mention who want to see your WhatsApp status. In this select, you can select who want to see. Follow the same steps in the above for profile picture.

Goto setting page and select the Account > Privacy > Status. In that status it will have three option My Contact, My Contact Except.. and Only Share With...

My Contact: Whose number save on your phone they can see your status.
My Contact Except: In this option, you can restrict the people you don't want to share your WhatsApp status in your mobile contact.
Only Share With: You share the WhatsApp status only with particular peoples.

How your About Message:

Your “About” message in WhatsApp is a brief bio people will see under your name. It’s more for a funny quote or joke than it is for personal information, but you can hide it from unknown users or everyone if you like.

Like many of the others settings we’ve discussed, you’ll find it at Settings > Account > Privacy. Tap About and choose whether to show your About message to Everyone, My contacts, or Nobody.

Disable the WhatsApp Read Receipts:

In this, you can disable the Read Receipts option the recipient can not know you read the message are not. How to disable the WhatsApp Read Receipts.

Goto setting option and select the Account > Privacy > Last Seen in that you can see the three option Everyone, My Contacts, Nobody.

Everyone: If you read the message in chat or group chat it will change the tick to blue. If you enable every one if you read the message tick will turn to blue colour to everyone in the conversation.

My Contact: Tick only turns to blue after reading the message to contact number save in your mobile phone.

Nobody: If you read the message it will not turn to blue to anybody.

Check your Live Location share with anyone:

WhatsApp has the option to share your live location to receipts if you share your live location with your friend on travel to reach you quickly you can share your live location. After share, you will forget to disable your live location share it no problem. You can find easily if your live location is shared with anyone.

Just open any chat conversation and tap the attachment option it will open the popup in that select the location.

While this is useful for short-term cases, you wouldn’t want to realize you’ve been unknowingly sharing your location with someone for months.

Thankfully, WhatsApp provides a feature to check on this. On the Privacy menu, tap the Live location entry. You’ll see if you’re sharing your location with any chats here and can disable it if so.

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