Amazing YouTube Url tricks

Amazing YouTube URL Ticks
YouTube is one of the most used videos streaming application nowadays. Most of the smartphone user is spend time in the youtube daily for watching videos, music, cooking videos, fitness and education. A lot of youtubers now available they posting a lot of videos daily. And most of the media are now available on YouTube. You can watch the all-news update on YouTube itself.

Here I will give the useful tricks of YouTube URL. How to download the YouTube video, skip the intro, bypass age restriction etc. Read the following trick on YouTube URL.

Bypass Age Restrictions.

If you watch the video in the YouTube some of the videos have the age restriction. YouTube must need you signing into your YouTube account to verify your age. In that time how to Bypass the age restriction. Simple type the gen in that YouTube URL at the starting. Like this

Normal URL:

Bypass URL:

Link the particular part of the video:

In YouTube how to link the particular of the video in the YouTube and share with others in you must add the small text at the end of the URL. &t=YmXXs that Y minutes and XX seconds into the video.

How to copy the particular time of video in the YouTube video. You can play the video and pause video where you want to copy the URL. After that right click on the video and you will see the list of option in the popup you see the Copy Video URL at the current time.

Amazing YouTube URL Ticks

Copy URL:

You can manually set the time.

Loop a video Infinitely:

How to repeatedly play YouTube video Infinitely. Just add the small text in the video URL it will play the video repeatedly.

Normal URL:

For Repeat Mode URL:

Skip the Into in video:

How to skip a certain amount of intro in the YouTube video. just add the small text at the end of the video and given the time how much time you want to skip in the starting of the video.

Normal Video URL:

Skip 50 Second URL:

Download the Video:

If you want to download the YouTube video just add the pwn at the starting of the video URL. After that, you can download the video easily.

Normal Video URL:

Download Video URL:

Make a GIF from video.

How to make a GIF in your video just type the gif at the starting of the URL. To create the GIF video.

Normal Video URL:

GIF Video URL:

Mashup YouTube Video:

This one isn’t a true URL hack, as you can’t visit it right from YouTube. However, it still uses YouTube URLs, so we’re including it. Visit YouTubeDoubler and you can add two YouTube URLs to mix together. You can choose to start either video at a certain time to help them sync up.

Whether you see how two songs sound when played at the same time or want to add some funny background music to a clip, have a look and see what you can create!

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