Dropbox introduced the time base comments for video and audio.

Dropbox Timebased Comment

Dropbox introduces the new feature for audio and video file. If you working on video and audio file with the team of people you can share the video or audio throw the dropbox with your team you need the suggestion for you to file with your team members or from the lead.

All the storage platform have the comment section for each file. Dropbox adds the new feature for adding the comment for time base. If you have the video file you want to give the suggestion in any part of the video dropbox will be allowed to add the comment on at a particular place of video and audio. Try this

Using this comment to easily improve your editing of the video and audio file. Dropbox says you can scrub through 1080p video files and get instant thumbnail previews, while audio files now display a full waveform preview when they're viewed on the Dropbox site. Dropbox also says that it now supports previews and comments "over 30" video and audio file types, so unless you're working with a truly esoteric format these features should work just fine. Support for time-based comments arrives today on the web and in the Dropbox iOS app, and it should be available on Android soon. Any Dropbox user can leave these comments, but only files shared by paid Dropbox users will have the feature enabled.

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