Whatsapp limited the forwarding worldwide.

Wahtsapp Limited the Forwarding Message

Whatsapp is the widely used application in the smartphone. Most of the smartphone users in the world used the WhatsApp as for messaging communication with others. And this app has a lot of features like groups, video calling, group video calling, emoji, stickers, gif and money transaction etc.

In July 2018 in India WhatsApp limited the forwarding message to groups and individual. Only 5 forward to group and individual. To stop spreading the fake news.

Now WhatsApp announces this limitation for all the users in the worldwide. Now all WhatsApp users will have limation for forwarding only 5.

Most of the user does not know about the truth of the message simple share to other, friends and groups. Due to this lot of fake message spreading throw the WhatsApp and it will given trouble to others. So we want to control this forwarding fake news and message WhatsApp brings this restriction.

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