Google introduces a new app for the deaf and hard to hear persons

Google introduced the two new apps for deaf and hard to hear the person. Few people do not have the capacity to hear what we taking to them. And in a noisy place, we can not able to hear the sound clearly like in working place large machine running or large construction work going on a lot of noise produce that time we not able to hear the sound other who taking to you.

Google introduces the two apps called Live Transcribe and Sound Amplifier

Live Transcribe:
Android app Live Transcribe

Live Transcribe is available in over 70 languages and dialects. It also enables two-way conversation via a type-back keyboard for users who can’t or don’t want to speak, and connects with external microphones to improve transcription accuracy. To use Live Transcribe, enable it in Accessibility Settings, then start Live Transcribe from the accessibility button on the navigation bar. Starting today, Live Transcribe will gradually roll out in a limited beta to users worldwide via the Play Store and pre-installed on Pixel 3 devices

Sound Amplifier:

Sound Amplifier, audio is more clear and easier to hear. You can use Sound Amplifier on your Android smartphone with wired headphones to filter, augment and amplify the sounds in your environment. It works by increasing quiet sounds, while not over-boosting loud sounds. You can customize sound enhancement settings and apply noise reduction to minimize distracting background noise with simple sliders and toggles.
Android app Sound Amplifier

Sound Amplifier is available on the Play Store and supports Android 9 Pie or later phones and comes pre-installed on Pixel 3.

With both Live Transcribe and Sound Amplifier, our goal is to help the hundreds of millions of people who are deaf or hard of hearing communicate more clearly.

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