How to stop tracking your location on the Facebook app

Most of the app access the live location of the user for better services like cab booking, online food order, and package delivery etc. Use the live location the use to show the offers, ads to a user to increase the sales.

Facebook also have this option to track the live location of the user improve the usage of the user like friends around your, ads on the video, post ads on your timeline. And also Facebook has a track history of your live location what are the place you visit.

If you do not need to Facebook want to track your live location and track history.

Just open the Facebook app in your mobile phone and select the Menu three line option present in the bottom right corner of the screen in iOS and top right corner in the Android app.

After selecting the menu, it will show the menu in that you can select the Setting & Privacy -> Privacy Shortcuts -> in the Privacy option select the Manage your location settings.

In the location setting page toggle the switch Location History to off.

How to stop the background tracking of your location when you have not used the Facebook app.

Facebook also track the live location of you where ever you traveling. How to stop the tracking of your location when you have not used the Facebook app.

  • Open the Facebook app on your Android smartphone
  • Go to the Settings menu on the top right corner (looks like this ☰)
  • Tap on Settings & Privacy
  • Choose Privacy Shortcuts
  • Select Manage your location settings
  • Now, toggle "Background Location" to OFF

iOS users need not worry about such features, as Apple already offers iPhone users an option to block an app from using their location in the background when the app is not open.

If you are an iPhone user and have not already stop Facebook—or any other app—from tracking your location in the background, you can follow these
simple steps:

Go to Settings
Select Privacy
Choose "Location Services"

If you want to completely stop all apps from tracking you, turn Location Services off. If you want to limit this setting depending on every app, tap each app and choose "Never" or "While Using."

Make sure apps that don't require your location, like most games, photo sharing apps and editors, are set to "Never."

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