How to hide your photos in iPhone

If you are using the smartphone we take photos in daily are on any occasion. And we take n numbers of photos and some photos are personal and you want to hide your photo not show in the photo library. If friends are family members opens your phone and wants to see your photos mean how to hide your photos from others.

In this post, I will tell two methods to hide without a password and with a password.

For this, you did not need any addition app to install.

First, open the photos app in your iPhone and select which photo you want to hide from the others.

After select photo just taps the share option present in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Once select option it will show the list of option in the select hide option to hide the photos from the photos.

Now where the photos go mean in the photo app you can see the folder called hidden in that folder all hidden photos are saved.

This one is not password protected if anyone opens the hidden folder to see your photos. One benefit is it will not show in the photos album. It will be stored in a separate folder and this folder named as hidden and present at the last in the photos app.

How to save your Photos with Password protected.

Open the photo app and select the photo and tap the share option present at the bottom of the screen.

Now it will show the list of option in that you must select the Notes option and tap the save option to save the photos in the notes.

Now go to Notes open the save photos in the Notes and select the share option present at the top right corner of the screen and it will show the list of option in that you select Lock Notes.

After that it will ask password for that notes you must give the password or just enable the Touch Id by the toggle switch.

Now the photo will password protected.

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