How to book the train ticket on Google Pay in India

Google Pay Train Ticket Booking
In India, Google Pay payment app use the UPI Payment Gateway to transfer the money between people and also used for business use. If you want to transfer the amount between two people instantly we use Internet banking. First, we add the beneficiaries of the amount receiver in your NetBank application and it will take some time to process and add the receiver in the NetBank portal afterward only we transfer the money to others.

Recently the Indian Government introduces the UPI Payment gateway to transfer the money to other instantly within the second. Not need the add the bank account no of the receiver.

Google Pay work on the UPI Payment mode. Google Pay, you can transfer the money to another throw the mobile number. Recently Google Pay introduce the Railway ticket booking in Google Pay itself.

You can find the Trains option in the Businesses category option. Just tap the Trains option to open the train ticket booking.

Google Pay Train Ticket Booking

After open, it will show the button like Book train tickets just tap to open the booking page.

Google Pay Train Ticket Booking

It will show the origin and destination two input field. Select the station where you start to travel and destination input field select destination station where to end your travel.

Google Pay Train Ticket Booking

Next, select the traveling date and select the Quota General are Ladies. After fill this all it will show the list of the train. Just select the train it will take to next page.

If you want to book the train ticket using the Google Pay you must need the IRCTC ID for the book the ticket. If you already have to mean continue the process otherwise you must create the IRCTC Account and then continue.

Google Pay Train Ticket Booking

First, enter the IRCTC login Username and Password and then enter the passenger details, Contact details and book the train ticket. The ticket amount will take from the Google Pay.

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