How to create the Messenger Account without creating Facebook Account

Without Facebook use Messenger

If you want to use the Messenger app and you did not need the Facebook Account. Messenger app is a part of the Facebook family. If you want to create messenger account they will force you to create the Facebook account and you log in with the Facebook username and password.

Some people not like the Facebook profile they need the messenger app for the chat conversation with friends, family and also used for business purpose. Messenger also give the Voice, Video calls, Stickers, Emojis. And Messenger has games so you can play with your friends on messenger. And also have the option called you can book the Uber Taxi throw the messenger app its selves.

In this post, I will explain how to create the Messenger account without creating the Facebook account. The first step you must download the Messenger app from the Google Play store if you using the android device. If you using the iPhone you must download the iOS messenger app from the App Store.

After Download and install the app on your mobile. Just open the app on your mobile. And it will ask you to log in if you already have Messenger account otherwise it will ask you to create the new account.

Image: MakeUseOf.com
  • Just click the Create New Account option.
  • And enter your Mobile number after you given the mobile number it will send the One time password to your mobile number.
  • Just enter the mobile number your messenger account will ready to use.
  • You must set the messenger account like your profile picture and add your contact to messenger app for your conversation.

Above step are used to create Messenger account without using the Facebook account.

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