Twitter new update now you can take the photos instantly

Twitter New Camera Update
Twitter brings the new update for the mobile app. In this update, you can open the camera easily by the single swipe in the timeline to open the camera and take the photos and share to your followers and friends.

If you using Twitter in your mobile app you want to take the live photo and share your photo instantly to your followers it will be quite difficult before. If you want to share the photo in the Twitter means you must tap the tweet option and then open the tweet compose page in that page you can select the camera icon and take the photo shares and share it or if you are already taken photos mean you select from the photo library.

If you going for twitter live same steps above followed for photos share same thing in that select the live option to stream the live video.

Now in the new update, it will be easier. You are in the timeline page just swipe the left in the screen to open the Camera option. Just left swipe to open the camera now you can take the photos and you want to go live means select the live option to go live streaming.

It will be easy quite easy for your photos sharing option.

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