How to mirror your Android phone display with a computer

Android Phone Screen Sharing
Android phone users want to record the screen for a different purpose. But mostly they want to record the screen for gaming videos and want live stream the playing game on the internet to the followers. Here in this post, you know how to mirror your android phone screen to your laptop or desktop computer.

How to mirror your android screen.

First, you need the laptop or desktop computer with chrome browser. And in that, you must install this Vysor extension in your browser.

Now you must open your android mobile and enable the USB debugging option in your mobile.

If you did not find the USB Debugging just go to the Setting -> About Phone and tap the build number few times and you get the message Allow the USB Debugging. Just tap the ok button to all the USB Debugging.

Connect your USB Debugging enabled a smartphone to the PC through a USB cable.

Open Vysor from the Chrome App Launcher.

Vysor will search for devices and you will be prompted with an “Allow USB Debugging?” on your phone. Select “OK“.

The Vysor mirror window will open up and you will see your Android device’s interface in its current state.

You will now be able to control your smartphone right from the mirror window on your computer. The window also brings up navigational keys in case you have a smartphone with hardware keys. There are also buttons to increase or decrease sound, shut down the device, take a screenshot, toggle soft input panel and rotate the screen.

You can Download the Vysor from here

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