How to prevent you from others add you into u want WhatsApp groups.

A lot of people have the question of how to prevent other add me into unwanted WhatsApp groups without your interest. Today WhatsApp given the answer of the million questions. WhatsApp rollout this new setting in the WhatsApp app.

First, update your WhatsApp app and check your app is the latest version. After that, you can now open the WhatsApp app.

Select the Setting -> Account -> Privacy.

  • Tap on Groups, and select the option that suits you best. The first one will prompt the user adding you to first send an invitation that you can approve:
  • Nobody (this prevents anyone from adding you to a group without an invitation)
  • My contacts (only your contacts can add you to a group without an invitation)
  • Anyone (Anyone can add you to a group without an invitation)If you value your privacy, you’ll want to select either of the first two options.

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