Some useful shortcut you want to know for Chrome Browser

useful chrome shortcuts
If you are using the chrome browser in your computer you needed to know some of the essential shortcuts for using Chrome more faster. I will give some of the useful shortcuts below you can use this to increase productivity.

There are three major operating systems used by peoples. Windows, Linux, and Mac. Windows and Linux have the Same kind of keyboard. Mac computer has the different layout of the keyboard so I given the shortcut for three operating systems below. For Windows and Linux using the CTRL for Mac used the Command key. If any other key used in the Shortcut I will mention there.

Shortcuts for Tabs and Windows:

Open closed tabs: Ctrl+Shift+T
Open new tab: Ctrl+T
Open new window: Ctrl+N
Close current tab: Ctrl+W
Close current window: Ctrl+Shift+W
Open Incognito Window: Ctrl+Shift+N
Switch chrome tabs: Ctrl+Tab
Reopen Closed Tab: Ctrl+Shift+T
Switch chrome tabs on Mac: Cmd+Option+Right or Left arrow
Open link in a new tab: Ctrl+Click
Open link in a new window: Shift+Click

Webpage Shortcuts:

Go back: Alt+Left arrow
Go forward: Alt+Right arrow
Go back on Mac: Cmd+[
Go forward on Mac: Cmd+]
Save the page: Ctrl+S
Print the page: Ctrl+P
Refresh the page: Ctrl+R
Refresh the Page Without Cached Data: Ctrl+Shift+R
Zoom in the page: Ctrl+Plus key
Zoom out the page: Ctrl+Minus key
Search the page: Ctrl+F
Refresh the webpage remove cached content: Ctrl+Shift+R

Shortcut for History, Downloads, and Bookmarks:

Open History: Ctrl+H
Open History on Mac: Cmd+Y
Open Downloads: Ctrl+J
Open Downloads on Mac: Cmd+Shift+J
Bookmark the current page: Ctrl+D
Open Chrome Task Manager: Shift+Esc
Jump to the Address Bar: Ctrl+L

Switch Between the Chrome User:
If you login in the chrome browser with your email if your family member or you want to login with to the chrome browser with any other email you want to switch between these two accounts with this shortcut Ctrl+Shift+M.

Without Format Pasting:
If you copy the text from any webpage you need to use that content in your Documents like Word Document or you want to paste to the presentation slides the text formatting will also cope with that. You want to remove the formatting from the copy text just you want to paste that content with this shortcut key. Ctrl+Shift+V.

Clear the Browser Data:
If you want to clear the browser data in your browser you can used the shortcut key Ctrl + Shift + Del key in Windows and Linux. In Mac used the Command + Shift + Delete Key to open the clear browsing data option.

You Own Custom Shortcut key:
You can also create your own shortcut keys for the Chrome browser. Just copy and past in the chrome URL bar I given here chrome://extensions/shortcuts just go this page and create your own short cut keys for your chrome browser.

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