Adobe Lightroom now available on Mac App Store

Adobe Lightroom on Mac Store
Adobe Lightroom is a photo editing app now available on the Mac App Store the first Adobe Pro app available on the Mac App Store. This, not Lightroom Classic app this one Lightroom CC.

Download the Adobe Lightroom from the App Store and install it to your Computer.

If you have the Adobe Login means you can Login with Adobe Account otherwise you can create one Adobe account. I have the Adobe account you can access the all the old photos you stored in the Adobe account.

Lightroom App Download

And also you can subscribe to this app and use it.

Adobe Lightroom is free to download and use for the first week, but you’ll then have to pay $10/month for the privilege. Still, for that, you get 1TB of cloud storage included and a host of photo-editing tools designed to be used by professionals.

Mac users could already (and still can) download Lightroom directly from Adobe. However, having Lightroom available on the Mac App Store makes the process a little easier thanks to the ability to pay using Apple’s in-app purchasing system.

Download it from App Store click here

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