How to stop the Apps Opening on your mac computer start.

Stop Apps on Mac Computer on Starting time
If you are using the Mac computer you noticed if your computer is restart or shutdown and start after the computer start some of the apps are automatically open on your computer screen. Example Google Chrome, uTorrent and some app you installed on your computer. How to stop this.

Follow the below steps to stop opening the apps automatically after the computer or laptop on.

  • Fist open your mac computer or laptop and goto top left corner of the screen you can see the Apple icon.

  • Just click that icon and you can see the list of options.
  • In that, you see the option System Preferences click to open that.
  • After System Preference open you can find the option called User and Group.

  • Click to open the System Preferences option.
  • You can see the two option on the center of the page I mention in the below image you just select the Login item option.

  • You can list of app that open when your computer is starting.
  • Just select the app which you want to open at that after your computer start.
  • And select the minus icon present at the bottom of the list to remove the app from the list.
  • After removing the apps not open after the computer start.

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