How to install Android 10 OS on Samsung M20 and M30 Mobile

Android 10 for Samsung M20 and M30
Samsung introduces a large variety of smart mobile phones. In that, they have different varieties of mobile in price. Samsung has mobile for all categories of people for both high end and low-end people. Samsung M20 and M30 mobile are price low mobiles.

This mobile comes with a low memory size compare to high price mobile. These two mobile come with android 9 OS. Now Samsung releases the Android 10 OS for these two models.

Android 10 OS memory size will be 1.2 GB. You can download it on your mobile and install on your mobile.

How to install this on your mobile.
  • Open your settings option on your mobile.
  • Just scroll down below and you can see the Software Update.


  • Just tap to open in that you can see the option on the first Download and Install just tap that option.
  • After selecting the option it will check any update will available for your mobile after check over it will ask your download the update.

Samsung Download Page

  • You allow downloading the update.
  • It will start downloading the update to your mobile. After download finished it will ask you to install the update. You just allow them to install the update on your mobile.
  • After an update, it will restart your mobile after that your mobile working on Android 10 OS.
  • Samsung also updates the ONE UI to Android 10 that also installs on this update.
  • Samsung has had a lot of changes in this update.
  • Dark Mode, Colors, Icons, Designs, and some software updates.

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