Facebook roll out New UI Design 2020

Facebook New Desing 2020

Facebook last year announced to redesign the Facebook web app UI. Last year it's self some of the screen design leaked on the internet. And finally the new design now available to the users. The last few days itself Facebook shows the notification message to use to try the new design after login into the web app.

After accepting the change it will take to a new design. And then it will show the product tour and finally, it will show the two options. The first one is a normal white theme and the second option is dark mode.

FB New Design 2020

Facebook introduces dark mode in this new design. Laster year itself Facebook gives the dark mode to mobile apps. Now it will also available to the web app.

Dark Mode

Facebook New UI Dark Mode

Normal Mode

Facebook New UI NOrmal Mode

New design very simple and clean white. And also the look like the mobile app desing. Home, Watch, Group, Game, and Marketplace options on the top like the android app.

If you want to enable the dark mode. Just click your profile on the top right corner it will show the option in that you can find the Dark Mode enable the option.

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