How to delete the IRCTC Account

Irctc Account Delete
Indian Railways have the online portal to book the train ticket and catering purpose. You want to book the train ticket online you need to create the IRCTC account. If you don't want the IRCTC account you can delete the account any time. How to delete the IRCTC account follow the below Steps.

Before going to delete the account you need to check your account not have any ticket you booked for future travel and check the R-Wallet if you have any amount in your account. Once you delete the account you not able to get this all back. Once you delete the account you not able to create the account in IRCTC with this same credentials.

First, go to www.irctc.co.in and enter username and password to enter your account.

After enter, you will see the My Account option at the top of the page. Near to the login option.

irctc accout delete myprofile

Just mouse over my account option it will show the list of option in the dropdown.

In that dropdown, you see the first option called my profile mouse over my profile option next new dropdown will open in that last you see the release my Pan and Aadhar.

Just select the Release My Pan and Aadhar option it will take to a new page.

irctc accout delete Page

irctc accout delete conformation

On that page, it will mention a list of instructions I mentioned above. Read carefully and bottom you must enter your account password and check the terms and condition checkbox and click Release PAN/AADHAR button to delete your IRCTC account.

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