WhatsApp introduces the advance Search

WhatsApp Advance Search
WhatsApp introduces the advance search in the WhatsApp app. Now you can search for anything in the WhatsApp like contact, file, images, video, gif, and location whatever things if you share to anyone, are anyone shares to you.

If you send the pdf file in the WhatsApp to anyone you forgot that where you send the file. You can not able to search and find that file in the WhatsApp. You open every individual chat, group chats and search for the file. Now WhatsApp solves this problem by the advance search.

Now just select the search option in the WhatsApp above the chat conversation you will see the list of options. In that option, you can see photos, GIFs, Links, Videos, Documents, and Audio.

Select any one this option and find the file you share with anyone or anyone shared with you.

This option solves many of the problems. Just simple you can take the file, contacts from the WhatsApp.

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