Facebook Messenger Kids app now available in India with 3 new features

Facebook Messenger App
Facebook has a separate chat app called Messenger. Initially the chat option inside the Facebook app only. A few years back Facebook brings the chat as a separate app outside Facebook app. However, if you want to use the Messenger app you used the Facebook Username and Password login into your messenger app.

Facebook plans this messenger app for Kids and launched the Messenger Kids as a separate app. This app launched a few months back but it only available in a few countries like America etc., Now they expand the app access to 70 new countries, and India is also one of the countries. Now you can download the Messenger app in all of the 70 countries.

What is a messenger app do?

This app is specially made for children. Kids they communicated with the school friends, teachers, and coach. However, Messenger Kids have numerous restrictions. The full app is under the control of Parents. If the parents give permission then communicate with others. Parents can monitor every conversation and talk with others.


Parents can supervise the children to accepts, reject, add, remove the friend's contacts. You can manage all those thing throw parent dashboard.

Messengger kids dashboard

Parents can approve the adult let them added in the groups and contacts. Like the teacher, coach, etc., The feature is available in the US but will be available soon in other regions.


The third features parents now decide to show the name and profile picture visible to a limited circle including friends of their kid’s contacts and their parents, kids of the parent’s Facebook friends, and kids of people parents invite to download the Messenger Kids app.

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