How to listen to music on Facebook Profile

Facebook Music

Facebook has the option you listen to your favourite song in the Facebook Profile itself. Once you add the songs into your profile you can listen to it any time you want and any number of times. Follow the below steps on how to add the Songs in your profile.

Open your Facebook app on your mobile.

Go to your profile.

FB Profile

Also, scroll down you can see the Music option

Music Option

Just open the music option.

Click the plus icon to add song will list in the song you choose your like songs and tap the Add button to added your songs to your profile.

Add Music to FB Plus

If your songs did not find in that list you the search option to search the songs.

FB Songs List

After adding the songs come out from music and refresh your profile and open the music option again you can see your songs list.

FB Your Songs List

Just click the play button to listen to the songs.

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