How to Group your tabs in Google Chrome Browser

Google Chrome Tab

Google gives the new update for the Google Chrome Browser you now Group your set of tabs in the browser for easy access. If you working on the Chrome browser you open the n number of tabs in your browser. In that time you difficult to find the tabs an in that number of tabs open in the browser. Chrome solves this problem with the new update you can now group your tabs and you can give the name for it. 

How to group the tabs:

  • First, update the Chrome browser after the update opens the browser.
  • Just right click on the tab new dropdown will open in that you select Add tab to new group option.
Google Chrome Tab
  • Tab group is created now just drag and drop the other tab you want to added in the group. 
  • Now the groups are differed by adding the colour under the tab. 
  • And small dot appear front of the group. Click on that dot dropdown will open in that you can give the name for your tab group and also you can change the colour for tab group. 
  • You can close the group and open that group of tab in new window.

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