How to play android hidden game on your mobile

Hidden Android Game

Android mobile has a hidden game on your mobile. Google has the Google Play Store to download the app for your android mobile. In that Play Store app have the hidden game. No one does not know about that.

How to play that game.

  • Take your android phone off your mobile data and your wifi.
  • Now you open your Play Store.
  • After opening the app it will say you are offline. Because we off the wifi and mobile data.
Start Play
Hot Air Balloon Game
  • Now you see the title Play while you wait. Hot Air Balloon Game.
  • Just tap the play button to start to play the Hot Air Balloon Game.
  • After taping the play button Balloon start flay you just drag the finger to move the balloon left and right and catch the ball fly from the top.
  • Carefully you did not touch the thorn.
  • In that game, the magnet will come when you catch the magnet you can easily catch the ball. Because the magnet will attract the ball easily you can collect more balls.
  • In between colours the ball will come you can catch the colour ball you can escape from the thorn.

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