Google Meet new Browser Shortcut to start a video call

Google Meet Browser Shortcut

Due to this COVID 19, pandemic people communicate with families and office friends throw the phone call and meetings happen to throw the video calls. Recent day big boom for the video calling apps. Google already has the video calling app called Meet in the G Suite recently free the Google Meet to all free. And also you can make the call inside the Gmail app also.

Now Google Added the new browser shortcut for the Google Meet. To make the call from the browser URL bar it is self. Just you type this on the browser URL bar meet.new. Once you type this on the URL bar it will automatically forward to Google Meeting. If you login in to your Gmail account it take to Google Meet Call page. If you not login it will take to the Gmail Login page and after login, it will take to Google Meet Calling page.

Goole already has the shortcuts for Google Drive Docs, Sheet, and slide.

If you want to create Google Doc just type docs.new for sheet just type sheets.new and for slide type slide.new it will work on all the browsers.

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