Google Meet 49 people on a single screen

Google Meet 49 People on Screen

Google Meet video calling app from Google. Google Meet first available for G Suite users. After COVID 19 Google announced the Meet app for all users. You have G Mail id you can use the Google Meet app. You can make the call inside the Gmail app itself.

Now Google added the new feature you can see the 49 people on the single screen. In the Meet Group calls you can see the up 49 people on the single screen. This feature is added now to the Google Meet app.

Now it only available for GSuit users. Soon we expert all users.

Google Meet 7x7

Getting started

Admins: There is no admin control for this feature.

End users: These features will be OFF by default. To change your layout, go to Settings > Change layout. Visit our Help Center to learn how to see yourself in a meeting.

Google Meet grid option
Google Meet Grid Settings

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